Well Known Irish Celtic Musicians

Irish Celtic music is probably the most favourite genre of music for both the residents of Ireland as well as those that visit here. Fortunately, there are many well know musicians that have carried on the tradition of this music.

The Background

Anyone that knows anything about Celtic music knows it has a long history to it. It has always been the belief that Celtic music is part of the Irish culture because the Irish are so strongly linked with the Celtic culture. What is interesting, however, is that a recent find may shed more light on this and may create controversy.

The Celtic Musicians

Undoubtedly it would be safe to say that no matter what may be learned about the Irish and Celtic music, it will always be recognised as being an important part of the Celtic culture. For this reason, the music has continued with its popularity for years upon years. This is in part thanks to the many musicians who have kept the interest in it alive. These include well known Celtic musicians like the following.


This is a band that is well known for its Irish folk music. They started performing in 1987 and are still active today. Five current members make up the band today that replace four past members. Their influence came from traditional Irish music. They are recognised as being the first traditional Irish group to be taken on by a major label.

Celtic Woman

The women are just as prominent in the Irish Celtic music scene as the men are. The Celtic Woman is a group that is all women and is comprised of four current members. The group has had several previous members since their beginning in 2004. Their range of music spans between original Celtic to modern music.


This is a family that formed their own musical group. It is comprised of four members. The group started in 1970 and are still performing today. They are quite diversified in the music they perform which includes folk, traditional Irish along with Celtic and some other genres. What lends to their popularity is this diversity in what they can offer.


This rock band is known for their Celtic rock performances. What they offer is usually inspired by the jigs and reels as well as the Irish Airs. They are recognised as some as being the founders of Celtic Rock. They were performing between 1970 to 1980 then started up again in 2004 and are still going strong today.

There are many more that could be added to the list of Celtic musicians pleasing those who enjoy music in Ireland. It is the large number of performers and those who are new to this genre that come into it that keep this form of music so popular.