Promoting Contemporary Music In Ireland

Contemporary music in Ireland has gone through many struggles in regards to trying to take its place among the popular genres. Many believe this is partly due to the contemporary music industry not being able to market themselves accordingly in combination with not getting the opportunities to perform as much as what the most popular genres do. Contemporary music still has some competition like Irish Celtic music. At the same time, contemporary music is still considered to be a valuable form of music in Ireland, and there is a lot now being done to help promote it.


Irish composers are being encouraged to create new works by the Music Network. This entity is commissioning this work.

Tour Programs

Music Network has for many years, been proactive in commissioning new work. Along with work that was and is present in the tour programmes. This has included work from composers like James Wilson along with the works of Kevin Volans.

Contemporary Music Centre

One of the greatest resources that contemporary music in Ireland has is the Contemporary Music Center. It has the mandate for developing, promoting and documenting contemporary music in Ireland. This organisation meets the needs of many who have an interest in this form of music, such as the following.

  • Musicians
  • Composers,
  • Teachers
  • Students

And the audiences themselves.


Included in all of the functions that this centre carries out they are an archive for the work created by composers within Ireland. The main purpose of this is to ensure that these works are documented and preserved for future generations. Anyone that wants to know more about the contemporary music in Ireland will surely find it at the CMC.


The CMC is intent on the promotion of contemporary and new music not only within Ireland but on an international level. They have the desire to bring recognition to all those involved in this music genre that they deserve. It is not a competition against the prevalent Celtic traditional music, but the goal is to be part of it. Hoping that more venues will include contemporary music alongside the Celtic performances.


The CMC is an excellent resource for being able to find out more about the various events that are held within this music genre. It includes the past, present and future.

More Information

The CMC website is a wealth of information and is an excellent resource for supporting the contemporary music industry in Ireland. Undoubtedly a great deal of information can be found here concerning the composers and the music. With what organisations like the Music Network and the CMC are doing it gives contemporary music in Ireland a strong chance of growing its popularity. The composers and musicians also have an obligation to do their part and work closely with their resources.