Undoubtedly there are many reasons why we chose to focus on Irish Celtic music as well as contemporary music in Ireland. We are fully aware that Celtic music is popular, but we also believe that it is taken for granted. For this reason, we wanted to bring more attention to some of the important aspects of this music.

Important Part of Culture

It is such an important part of the culture of Ireland that it should never be at risk of being pushed into the background. This is a fate that many other music genres have experienced in the past. Time keeps moving on, and music genres tend to take on new ways and sometimes replace the originals. Keeping Irish Celtic music in the forefront is a priority of ours.

One of the reasons Celtic music is still going strong in Ireland is because of the dedication of those who are involved in this music genre. Some performers have passed away while others have retired. At the same time, new ones are joining the industry, which is valuable for keeping Celtic music important.

Challenges in Contemporary Music

Another genre of music that we feel has its own aura of importance in Ireland is contemporary music. It is, however, struggling to find its way into being a popular form of music; however, this appears to be changing. We also wanted to put some focus on this form of music as a way of supporting it as we feel it is worthy of being recognised as a most entertaining form of music. It can take its place alongside the other popular forms of music in Ireland.

The information that we have selected to share with you here has been based on what we feel is important.

The Contemporary Music Industry

In order to help support this genre of music in Ireland, we wanted to share some information about some of the struggles it faces. There are several reasons as to why contemporary music is not flourishing in Ireland, but the good news is that there is a lot that is being done to change this.

The Celtic Musicians

Most that enjoy Celtic musicians are well aware of the most popular ones. However, there are many that have been around for years and are still entertaining their fans. It is important to showcase just a few examples for those of you who may be new to this type of music and want some suggestions as to where to start.

The History

The history of Celtic music is an essential topic for us. Much of the younger generation just accept Celtic music as being part of the Irish culture. Knowing more about its history creates a greater appreciation of it.

Finally, for those who are not into Celtic music as yet, we want to put some emphasis on the importance and benefits that this type of music has to offer. There are many reasons why Celtic music should become a favourite aside from it just being popular.