Welcome to our site which is dedicated to Irish Celtic and contemporary music. We have lots of information about these topics here for you to enjoy. We believe that by expanding your knowledge concerning these two music genres, you will enjoy them all the more. Some of the highlights of what you are going to find here include the following.

Contemporary Music

There is an introductory post here which focuses on the issues that contemporary music has faced in Ireland. It helps to create a greater understanding of what has taken place with this music genre. In addition to this post, we have created another one that highlights the good news about the support for contemporary music. It is encouraging, and we wanted to highlight this, to bring more attention to the efforts that are being made to support it in Ireland.

Celtic Performers

We had to include a post which would act as an example of the many fine performers of Celtic music. The ones who we have chosen are well known but are only a few of the many who are excellent entertainers in this music genre.

Looking at Celtic Music History

There is no way that a site which is devoted to Celtic music would be complete without offering at least some of its past. This form of music has a long history, and we focus on some of the highlights of it, to create a greater interest in this topic.


What makes Celtic music so important in part, is the many benefits it can offer. The post we have here may surprise you, with what it covers in regards to potential advantages.

Hopefully, you are going to enjoy what we are offering here. At the very least, you should gain a better understanding and appreciation for Celtic and contemporary music in Ireland.